I can feel you
Your haunting presence
Overwhelming me
Making me feel
The sadness
In my heart

I know
I was reaching
Out to you
I don’t know why
I missed you
And I was bored
After all
We are as one

Is this a game
………. To you?
You tear me up
Play with my emotions
Make me feel
Things I don’t want to
……….. memories
I want to forget
Because you are bored?

Things you want to forget.
Like when you killed me
Putting a bullet in my head
Stopping me from living
In a mere second
As you probably laughed
When your bullet
Pierced my brain

Fuck You!!!!
I didn’t laugh
I know what
I was ordered to do
But there must
Be a reason
Why were you
Out there
Running through
The desert
Tell me a good reason
Why were you
Running through
The desert
At that hour
Of the morning
You fucking bitch

I can’t tell you why
But I had the right
To run in the desert
Without being murdered
I had the right

Perhaps…… but you lie
To escape the truth
Which is what really
Got you killed
I believe you were
Doing something wrong
Doing something
To get my people killed
I can feel it
Just like I did
Even though
I was sorry
You had to die

Have nothing else
To say about it
You killed me
You fucking asshole
You killer
That was your choice
You pulled the trigger
You fired your bullet

Stop it!!!…… Bitch
You know nothing
About my choice
Yes…. I killed you
And given the same order
I would follow it
Once again
Because….. I was trained
To follow orders
Besides other things

So. Go ahead
Follow your orders then
And live with me
As the outcome
So……. You see
You did make a choice
Like it or not
You have made
your choice
made your bed
so, lie in it
with me

Its all just a cycle
And I can’t win
So…… enough
All ready
Your dead
And I’m alive
For the time being
I am alive
And I cannot win

Win…….. who said
You could ever win anyway
Your alive
And I’m dead
Isn’t that enough
For your tiny mind
Or are you ready
To die
And join me
For an eternity

Just………. Shut
The Hell up
And leave the fuck

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