The term “Hilda” refers to when the intelligence information on the facts on a particular mission is incorrect, either on the persons involved or the conditions surrounding the operation. We came up with this analogy so that we can talk about a particular mission around the higher raking personnel without them knowing what we are talking about. The word “Hilda” was from a team member who just came up with the term. As far as me, my last mission was one such mission because the person I was supposed to target was not an older man but a young-looking woman. Of course, this was too much for me to take at that time of my career and is why I walked off the field that day, never to perform another operation again. I think it is for the same reason that my last and most powerful demon is the remembrance of that very girl. So, when you hear me use the term “Hilda” know that I am referring to my most powerful demon, or ghost, of that young girl I had to shot.

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