Dedicated to other veterans and their families


My name is Tim Segrest, and this is my short bio. I was born in 1962 in

Whittier, Ca. I graduated high school from La Mirada high school in

1980. I worked in drafting for a few years prior to joining the military in

1983 in pipe layout and design. I first joined the Air Force put was not

happy as a jet engine mechanic, so I switched to the army by way of

an interservice transfer. I was trained as a sniper and was medically

boarded out in 2004 due to my back. I started writing in 2004, it was

that or I was prepared to take my own life. I started writing poetry and

graduated to novels a few years after that. I’ve been married three

times and am currently living in Yuma, AZ with my third loving and

supportive wife. I have been diagnosed with Acute PTSD, among

other things such as degenerative spine disease.

location icon2872 S 47th Ave
Yuma, AZ

Radio Interview with Ric Bratton

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