5 Signs Your Written Poem is Good

Poetry has always been a popular form of literature. Every year, hundreds and thousands of poems are being written and published around the world. Indeed, many people love to write and read poetry because of the immense amount of knowledge and creativity that it brings. For some people, writing poems, in itself, is a therapy – form of self-expression that heals.

Timothy George Segrest, an author and former soldier, recognized this healing power of poetry when he came up with his poetry book entitled Perfect Flaws. This book contains numerous beautiful and reflective poems that are specially dedicated to veterans and their families. According to Timothy George Segrest himself, writing these poems greatly helped him during the hardest times of his life. By publishing them into a book, he hopes to help and inspire more people to write and come up with their own collections of great poems.

To help you become more immersed in the beauty of poetry, and improve your skill in writing poems, below are five signs your written poem is good. By constantly paying attention to these signs, you can certainly keep track of your progress as a poet. Who knows? Maybe you can even publish your own poetry book in a few months already.

Your poem is mind-boggling

A good poem does not only impress the readers with its lovely choice of words, but it also nurtures and amazes their minds with the message that it sends across. All poems begin with an idea. This idea, then, is expanded to create a message that would either ascertain, praise, or protest something. A good poem contains intriguing and mind-boggling ideas. It fascinates the readers and stir up their thoughts. It does not only make them adore the beauty of language, but it also makes them think and feel.

Your poem is written in a style that suits you best

Poetry comes in different styles. Generally, in school, the basic style or format that is commonly taught to children is the ‘rhyming poem’ – these are the poems that always end in rhymes. However, a poem does not necessarily need to rhyme in order for it to be good. Especially in the modern era, the so-called ‘free verse’ style of writing poems has become more and more popular. Free verse poems are basically poems that are free from the limitations of regular meter or rhythm, and do not rhyme with fixed forms. In determining whether or not your poem is good, you should first ask yourself whether or not your poem reflects you. In essence, a good poem should resonate your personality, emotions, and ideas. More so, it should be written in a style that suits you best.

Your poem contains wisely chosen words

The choice of words is very important in writing poems. In the first place, poetry is about the use of words in the most creative way possible. So, to determine the quality of your poem, you need to look into your chosen words. The words that you use should fit with each other. They should be weaved together in a manner that makes it possible for the readers to understand your poem while simultaneously making them wonder. The words that you use play an important role in determining the extent to which the readers understand what you are trying to tell them. For this reason, your poem should contain wisely chosen words as much as possible.

Your poem moves the readers

A good poem moves the readers. As mentioned, good poems do not just make the readers think, but they also make them feel. You will only know that your poem is effective in conveying its message when it has touched the hearts of the readers. It should induce various emotions among them. So, the language that you use in your poem should be convincing enough to make them emotionally invested.

Your poem is not confusing

Some poems can be understood easily, while others still need to be read twice or thrice to be understood. Indeed, some poets intend to make their poems a bit complex and deep to foster creative thinking. However, depth and complexity should not be mistaken with confusion. There are some poems that cannot be understood easily simply because they are confusing. Their ideas are scattered, and their choice of words is somehow poor. To avoid this, you always need to keep your thoughts in check when writing your poem. Organize your thoughts and ideas. Use words that best explain these thoughts and ideas that you are trying to communicate.

Remember, the ultimate measure of the quality of a poem is not based on how intellectual it sounds, but rather on how many people can understand and relate to it. In order for your poem to be considered good, it should clearly express how you think and feel about certain things. As Timothy George Segrest has put it, “Poetry, in itself, is an expression of how people feel or see a related topic or thought.”

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